School Groups & Kid Shows

Treat your students or day care group to an entertaining learning experience they will enjoy! Starplex Cinemas provides you the ability to bring groups of students to your local Starplex Theater for private screenings before the movie theatre opens to the general public.

Educators can use these special screenings as recognition for outstanding students, end of the year parties or as a tie-in with a book the students are reading in class. Recent opportunities for book tie-ins included The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and How to Eat Fried Worms, and many more books are made into films each year.

Starplex Cinemas - not just a field trip, a trip to the magic of Hollywood! For more information about school group screenings or to schedule yours, contact Starplex Cinemas at (214) 692-6494 or to email CLICK HERE.

Pricing Options

For all kid shows, a minimum of 50 people are required and the rental should conclude before the theater opens to the general public.

*Please note that all 3D Films will incur additional charges per person based on location.

Package #1 (movie meal which includes popcorn, snack candy, drink)
$5.00 depending on location for the movie meal + matinee ticket price* = TBD Based on Location and Movie Selection