If you have a SHOWPLEX Rewards Card and would like to transfer the points from your OLD Showplex Rewards Card onto a NEW Starplex Cinemas Rewards Card, please use the form below.

This form will submit the entered data to the Starplex Cinemas Customer Service Department where they will assist you in transferring existing Showplex points to your new Starplex Cinemas Reward Card.

Note: By entering your Showplex card information a customer service representative can look up your previous balance with Showplex and transfer over the points as long as you have already activated your Starplex reward card. Please allow 3-4 days for the submission to be addressed by customer service and another 24 hours for the rewards to show up on your new account

If you have other Starplex Customer Service concerns, please us our regular Customer Service Form

Please complete ALL fields in the form below.

Please use a valid phone number so that we can link your NEW star rewards card to this unique number. You will no longer need to remember to bring your card with you each time, we can access your account with your phone number.
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Please activate your new Starplex Rewards Card before submitting form information.

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